Finding Heart, Finding Home

Tuesday night I learned numb isn't a feeling. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, numb is a lack of feeling. By that logic, it's impossible to feel a lack of feelings. This made me reevaluate the emotions I identify with. What I found I'm getting over is indifference. The moment I begin truly experiencing a deep... Continue Reading →

Staying True to the Process

Hey lovies ❤ There is nothing in life I think about more than love. Who I love, why I love, when I'll fall in love, how good love feels. I crave the warmth, satisfaction, and understanding I've idealistically decided it can bring. Does it really? I've been in love before, at least I believe I... Continue Reading →

From Bilbo Baggins to Gobo Fraggle

Learning to cope after finding I have Adjustment Disorder has been an interesting experience, better now that I have a name for what I'm experiencing versus the days when I didn't, but it's still a process. There can be moments of clarity, positivity, and even what could be considered normality for short periods of time. Until... Continue Reading →

CT34: Thinking of Michael L.

LOVIES UGH! Why does it feel like it takes me forever to get over things that are so last year? I'm trying to concentrate on an article about alcohol and drug abuse that I'm writing right now, but I can't stop seeing his face. I know it's because he's the last person who touched me... Continue Reading →

CT32: Sickness Without Worry

Hey lovies ❤ The last few days my body has been ravaged by the flu. It's pretty awful, as the flu usually is, but not terribly so. For the most part, I've done an awful job of taking care of myself when I've been sick in the past. Forcing myself into working extended hours, pretending... Continue Reading →

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