Welcome to ShesNeverClever, lovey. Thanks for stopping by. As all new endeavors go, I’m really excited! I’m looking forward to sharing parts of myself and learning about what I have to offer through my writing. I genuinely hope I’m able to connect and grow with an understanding and supportive online community and I can’t wait to see what’s in store!

My name is Rai, like the sunshine, and I’m here to talk about style, adventure, the thoughts in my head, and anything I find interesting on a given day. My goal for ShesNeverClever is to learn about myself and to develop a more complete sense of what I like and the complexities of the direction that I’ll be going in my life. I can be very closed off to sharing the more intricate parts of myself with the people in my life, and I’m trying to become more open and vulnerable through this medium. Definitely a lofty goal, but hey, I figure reach for the heavens and get the stars thrown in the mix.

I wish that I had a better opener and that I was more ready for this day, as I’ve been planning to do this for years, and have had the name for ages, but I guess that it’s better for me to start and figure it out as I go. I find I’m more of a thrown in with the wolves kind of lady and I’m throwing myself now. There’s no time like the present, and I’m presently as ready for this day as I’ll ever be. I’ve finally birthed my child, and now I get to learn what parenthood feels like. I pray that it’s a wonderful experience going forward cause I’d truly like to be stop stressing out so much about my 9-5 and really enjoy my day to day life.