Appreciative of What’s Available Now

Today is a very special day, my mamas birthday! *cue happy birthday to ya and balloons falling*

In celebration of this incredible woman, I’ll be sharing some about how lucky I got with the mom God gave me.

My papa wasn’t a very nice man (he’s still alive and we talk, but we’re not close) and he left us legitimately desolate. I’m talking 5 girls ranging in age from 16 to 4, he couldn’t do it. My mama didn’t take the easy way out, and instead found a roof for us and a warm and loving home with my grandparents. My fathers side of the family didn’t do too much for us in the way of raising, and we weren’t offered any help from them. My mom immediately lost an entire family just by divorcing a man who treated her poorly. I can’t get down with that.

I couldn’t imagine almost hitting my 40’s with 5 children and a husband who doesn’t feel capable of providing for the family he created. My mother did an incredible job showing us how to stand up for what is right for us regardless of what others may think. It would have been a completely different story for me had she stayed. I’m much better off after the divorce that I would have been otherwise.

My mama didn’t let any of these people stop her from letting her children shine. That’s not super common in the neighborhood where I was raised.

She’s provided the best life she could for us and I legitimately can’t express my praise enough. Whether or not she was capable of giving us the love we needed, she always made sure we had access to people who could. That’s a gift I could never repay.

Of course, she has her flaws, but it’s her birthday, so who cares.