Jon Snow Boring – the Good Kind

I read a piece on Buzzfeed earlier tonight that irked my nerves a little. Andrew Ziegler and I definitely watched the same 7 seasons of Game of Thrones, and Jon Snow definitely is a pretty boring part of the series in terms of the choices he makes, but his ability to do the right thing stems from an incredible amount of character development. Unwanted kids kinda have a tendency towards the boring as they grow older, it’s kinda in built in the whole “pay attention to me and tell me I’m good enough” thing we’ve got.

Based on what I read, Daenerys is cool because she grew from a victim into a woman through a series of emotionally charged, violent choices. How does Jon Snow’s stand-up, reliable, and consistent character make him the worst part of the series? He makes choices that are thoughtful, accurate, and ultimately create the greatest good. Sounds like a good deal to me.

This is truly something I see in play all of the time in my own life; the loud, boisterous, careless personalities that can only see the world from their own point of view grow stronger. The very same personality of many people in power now from Theresa May to Donald Trump. It’s a playground fight where the person who yells the loudest is the winner. There seems to be no desire for insightful thought, just emotionally powered action. What is power and popularity without genuine thought behind the process? Intellectualism is slowly fading away in favor of simple ignorance.

I could be considered a pretty boring character for the most part. I’ve made some bad choices, but none that have had any impact on any life except my own. Much like when Jon fell in love with Ygritte. He broke his oath for her but also brought in a whole new legion of loyal Wildlings with him, and a new commander of the Nights Watch, Eddison Tollett, was chosen. The forgotten distinctly know the feeling of inconsequentiality and avoid giving that feeling to others unless they truly believe it’s a well-earned title. They tie up loose ends and don’t give in to the burn of ultimate power as they see power isn’t something to take and hold on to, it’s something to share.

The arc of stable growth through sadness, disappointment, pain, and loss is now seen as boring instead of heroic.


I’m done ranting about Game of Thrones and I’m also never writing another rundown of an episode – realized I don’t like watching things twice. Who’d’ve known?

I’m finally feeling a little better and now I just have to get out, get exercise, and make my blood really flow through my body. I don’t get to be sad and sit around any longer.

Thanks for the read lovies, I appreciate your time.

Just in case you haven’t heard it today, you’re absolutely incredible, always! ❤ ❤

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