Trying Something New

Daily writing prompt
Which aspects do you think makes a person unique?

Every person is unique, that’s one of the few mainstays of existence. I find the most interesting uniquenesses to be in the differing perspectives we maintain. The way that each person looks at the world and defines what that means for themselves is fascinating. Justifications and idealizations are so easily made based on personal preference and personal perspectives. No one has to share anything about what they’re thinking or feeling with anyone. While that’s exciting and unique, it’s also incredibly easy to manipulate others with that same ideology. If no one knows how a particular situation makes you feel, it’s easy to say place blame and hold resentment. I also find that to be a unique aspect of humanity.

I’m personally in an… interesting… bubble of perspective right now, and the lens I’m viewing the world through isn’t particularly positive at the moment. But, that’s also a part of what I find unique about people. Clouded judgement, biased perspectives, and expectations based on the ideals ground into us in our youth and ultimately the things that we’re taught and how those lessons shape our perspectives is what makes each person unique.

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